3D Virtual Tour

Immersive 3D Virtual Tour offers a dynamic and engaging way to explore and interact with digital representations of physical spaces. It has a wide range of applications, from real estate and tourism to education and entertainment, making it a versatile and valuable tool in the digital age. 

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Use Case

Dubai Virtual tour and real estate photography and marketing in Dubai.

Real Estate & Architecture

Elevate your real estate marketing strategy with unparalleled immersive and interactive experiences. Distinguish yourself from the competition by providing a distinctive 360 virtual tour in Dubai and a cutting-edge 3D tour for real estate that leaves a lasting impression.

Hospitality & Travel

Highlight your hotel or venue using captivating Matterport virtual tours, offering a virtual reality tours experience that entices bookings for rooms, spa treatments, and more.

Museum & Galleries

Transport your venue to visitors through innovative Matterport virtual tours, providing virtual reality experiences for museums, galleries, and exhibitions. Offer your customers the immersive experience of your site from any corner of the world.


Enhance the management of your facilities, operations, and staff with cutting-edge Digital Twins solutions, including Matterport virtual tours and 3D virtual tour technology. Streamline operations to reduce costs, boost efficiency, ensure safety, and more.

What is

Virtual Tour

Unlock the Potential of 3D Virtual Tours in Dubai

Embark on a captivating journey with our immersive 3D virtual tours, a revolutionary technology that redefines how users experience physical spaces remotely. Limina Studios, your trusted partner in Dubai, brings forth the expertise needed to transform your space into a dynamic and interactive showcase.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Cutting-Edge 3D Modeling: We employ state-of-the-art 3D modeling techniques to craft lifelike representations of your premises.
  • High-Resolution Imagery: Every detail matters. Our virtual tours feature high-resolution imagery, ensuring a visually stunning and realistic experience.
  • 360 Virtual Tour Dubai: Elevate your online presence with our 360 virtual tours specifically tailored for the Dubai market.
  • Matterport Virtual Tours: Immerse your audience in a seamless navigation experience with our Matterport virtual tours.
  • Virtual Tours for Real Estate: Showcase your properties in the best light possible, attracting potential buyers with engaging 3D property tours.
  • Virtual Reality Tours: Step into the future with our virtual reality tours, offering an unparalleled level of immersion.

How We Make a Difference:

  • Global Accessibility: Break down geographical barriers. Our virtual tours allow individuals worldwide to explore your space remotely.
  • Engaging User Experience: Keep your audience captivated. Our user-friendly virtual tours ensure an interactive and memorable digital experience.
  • 360 Virtual Tour Dubai: Tailored for the Dubai market, our tours are optimized to enhance your local visibility and attract a broader audience.
  • Virtual Property Tour: Whether it's a hotel, real estate property, museum, or showroom, we tailor our virtual tours to highlight your space's unique features.

Partner with Limina Studios to turn your physical space into an enticing digital adventure. From hotels to real estate properties, museums to showrooms, our expertise ensures a compelling online presence that resonates with a global audience. Elevate your business with our 3D virtual tours and transcend boundaries today.


Discover the ultimate virtual exploration with our state-of-the-art 3D virtual tours. Seamlessly navigate and interact with spaces from any device.

Matterport Virtual Tours

Explore the immersive wonders of Dubai through our state-of-the-art virtual tours. With Matterport virtual tours, we bring the vibrant spirit of the city to life, allowing you to experience its iconic landmarks and hidden gems from the comfort of your own space. Whether you're planning a visit or simply want to indulge in the beauty of Dubai, our virtual tours provide a captivating and detailed journey through this extraordinary city.

Create User-friendly Tags, Annotate Space's Features, and Add Notes, Videos, and Photos for Deeper Exploration.

Enhance Visitor Experience with Tags

Dive into a seamless interactive experience with Matterport's Tags and hotspots feature. Tags serve as your personal guide, allowing you to highlight key details and points of interest within a 3D space. These hotspots act as portals, transporting you to different areas, providing insights, and offering a dynamic exploration of every nook and cranny. Enhance your virtual journey by effortlessly navigating through curated information and immersing yourself in the intricacies of the space with Matterport's Tags and hotspots.

Get a bird's eye view of your dollhouse! Our 3D digital twin tech allows zooming in and out to see your space from any angle outside.

3D Dollhouse View

Take a step back and get the full picture of your property with Dollhouse View! Our unique 3D digital twin technology lets you zoom out and see your property from the outside, rotating it along any axis to see it from any angle.

Craft an immersive, guided experience with captions that narrate the story of your space and Tags to highlight essential points of interest.

Guided Tours

Craft an immersive, guided experience with captions that narrate the story of your space and Tags to highlight essential points of interest

Boost your marketing with high-definition photos generated from your digital twins

High Definition Photos

As part of your virtual tour, we can provide 4K print-quality photos generated from the virtual tour, allowing you to use them for any project and achieve stunning results.

virtual reality dubai

VR Integration

Step into a whole new world of reality with VR integration! Bring your digital twin to life and experience what it's like to be in the space.

Expand your marketing reach with Google Street View and publish your digital twin on google map, allowing you to connect with a larger audience.

Publish on Google Maps

Expand your marketing reach with Google Street View and publish your Digital Twin on Google Maps, allowing you to connect with a global audience.

Connect your space to your website  and attract more customers. Engage with your audience effectively, increase reach and visibility, and take your business to the next level.

Website Integration

Give your website a powerful boost with Web-site integration! Easily connect your space to your website and bring more customers to you. With Web-site integration, you can engage with your customers more effectively, increase reach and visibility, and ultimately take your business to the next level.

Share your virtual tour and associated assets with anyone, accessible on any device

Remote Access & Sharing

With Matterport's cutting-edge technology, remote access and sharing of your 3D virtual tour have never been more seamless. Whether you're showcasing a stunning real estate property in Dubai or providing an immersive 360 virtual tour, our platform allows you to effortlessly share the experience with anyone, anywhere, and on any device.

Generate leads with customized contact forms and data collection

Boost Revenue

Enhance your revenue by utilizing lead generation tools and contact forms to generate customer insights.

Personalize your virtual tour to align with your brand by incorporating your logo, social media links, and other branding elements.

Brand Awareness

Our platform offers endless possibilities for your 360 virtual tour. Integrate text, addresses, media, and more to create a seamless navigation experience. Spice up your menu with videos, interactive spaces, and social buttons. Use tags with a search bar for easy access to information. Translate your menu effortlessly for a global audience. Personalize your virtual tours with your logo, music, and adjustable volume.

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