AR Indoor Navigation

Enhance location accuracy and wayfinding by displaying digital routes and additional content on your users' devices with Limina Studios' AR Indoor Navigation tool.

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Use Case


Create a distinctive shopping experience incorporating augmented reality.

Immersive Learning

Add contextual details to your digital twin, enabling real-time learning about your space to train employees safely.

Indoor Navigation

Use AR navigation to guide your customers through your premises.

Planning and Design

Use your device to showcase products in real life.


Guide customers to various locations and important points within your premises using AR navigation.

Reduce Time for Orientation and Way Finding

Guide customers to important points within your premises using AR navigation.

The AR app understands your surroundings and puts you in the right place for your AR tour. You can interact with digital content just like you would in real life, which helps you explore your physical environment in new ways.

AR Application

Discover your environment in new ways using our AR app. The app understands your surroundings and puts you in the right place for your tour.

Our AR App enables interactive campaigns, product demos, virtual try-ons, and more, enhancing brand awareness and boosting conversions. 

Marketing & Promotion

Enhance brand awareness and boost conversions using interactive campaigns, product demos, and more in our AR app.

Monitor equipment performance, analyze production metrics, and track inventory with our AR App's data overlay, enabling immediate insights and data-driven decision-making.

Real Time Data Visualization

Enable immediate insights and data-driven decision making using AR to visualize real-time business data, such as inventory.

Bring your virtual staged elements to life using a vast collection of 3D objects, animations, media files, and polygons.

Virtual Staging

Bring your virtually staged elements to life using 3D objects, animations, and media files.


A digital twin is a hyper-realistic 3D model of a real-world space, created using advanced imaging and data capture technologies. This virtual replica allows users to explore and interact with the physical space from anywhere in the world. By simulating the real-world environment in detail, digital twins enable users to experience the space as if they were actually there, providing a highly immersive and interactive experience.

Digital twins offer numerous benefits for businesses. They provide a unique and engaging way to showcase physical spaces, such as real estate properties, retail stores, event venues, or museums, to potential customers or clients. This technology enhances customer experience by allowing virtual walkthroughs, which can lead to increased interest and engagement. Additionally, digital twins facilitate remote collaboration and planning, helping teams visualize and interact with spaces without the need for physical presence, thus saving time and reducing travel costs.

Creating a digital twin involves using advanced imaging technologies, such as high-resolution 3D cameras, LiDAR scanners, and photogrammetry software, to capture detailed data about the physical space. This data is then processed to create the 3D model. To view and interact with a digital twin, users typically need a device with internet access, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Virtual reality (VR) headsets can also be used to enhance the immersive experience, though they are not required for basic interaction.

The data used to create digital twins is handled with high security standards to ensure the privacy and protection of sensitive information. Advanced encryption methods are used during data capture, processing, and storage to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, reputable digital twin providers comply with industry regulations and best practices for data security, ensuring that your information is safe and secure throughout the entire process.

Yes, digital twins can be updated to reflect changes in the physical space. This is particularly useful for dynamic environments that undergo frequent modifications, such as retail spaces, construction sites, or corporate offices. By periodically recapturing the space with the same imaging technologies, the digital twin can be refreshed to include new features, layout changes, or any other updates, ensuring that the virtual model remains accurate and up-to-date.

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