Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in the world of Digital Twins and unlock the potential of Virtual Reality (VR) technology with Limina Studios in the UAE. We are one of the premier Virtual Reality solution providers in the region, dedicated to elevating your events by immersing your audience in an exhilarating VR experience powered by digital twins. 

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Identical Use-Cases of Virtual Reality

Metaverse Experience

Embrace Metaverse e-commerce and guide your brand into the web3 era. From entertainment to economy, Limina Studios is ready to unleash endless possibilities of innovation for you.

Immersive Learning

Add contextual details to your digital twin, enabling real-time learning about your surroundings. Our team at Limina Studios strives hard to offer you an immersive learning experience through a virtual reality experience.

Training & Onboarding

Leverage immersive and realistic settings to train employees safely and efficiently. So wave “Hey” to new virtual settings for training & onboarding with Limina Studio and make this vision your reality.


Enables employees to understand equipment operation, safety protocols, and complex processes in a safe setting. We’re one of the best virtual reality service providers so your employees get to know the equipment process and stay safe.


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VR Integration

Step into a whole new world of reality with VR integration! Bring your digital twin to life and experience what it's like to be in the space.

Make interactive virtual experiences that captivate your audience and display your tours with incredible details.

Improving the VR Experience

Explore the amazing capabilities of the digital twin to make interactive experiences that captivate your audience and display your virtual tours with incredible detail.

From three-dimensional models to images and videos, every element bursts to life, immersing your clients in a visually stunning environment.

From 3D Elements to life in VR

Immerse your clients in a visually stunning environment using 3D models, images, or videos to bring your space to life!

Create a Custom made VR experience for your clients. Guide visitors through your digital twin, showcasing key features. Engage your audience with the power of VR and make a memorable impact.

Custom Made VR Experiences

Take visitors through a custom-made VR experience. Engage your audience interactively to make a memorable impact.

Explore a New World with Limina Studios' VR Tours

Take yourself beyond the screen and step into a stunning new world with our Matterport virtual tours. Transport yourself into a stunning new world, where you can freely explore and gain a new insight into the space, enhanced by the magic of VR. Feel as if you are there in person with our virtual reality experiences. Go beyond the boundaries of traditional photography and video, and dive into an interactive, immersive experience that allows you total control - you’re free to inspect details of interest and navigate freely in rich, highly detailed environments.

Limina Studios: Pioneering VR Experiences in Dubai

Limina Studios is proud to be a pioneer of Dubai VR experiences, taking our historic expertise in photography and video tours into the exciting new arena of virtual reality. Looking for new ways to innovate is central to Limina’s approach, and offering clients more impactful tools led to virtual reality, a huge opportunity. Offering new virtual reality use cases to Dubai businesses is a key part of Limina’s vision, working at the forefront of VR in Dubai, and beyond.

Unlocking New Levels of Immersion with VR

Our virtual reality technology unlocks new levels of immersion, with our 360 VR experiences bringing new life to real estate, event planning, virtual museum visits, and a range of other tourist attractions and events. We go beyond simply seeing - we give you a complete VR experience, showcasing the vibrancy of your site like never before!

Want to learn more

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows for the creation of rich, interactive experiences using 3D visuals. Virtual reality has various applications, for example, in the real estate, tourism, and education sectors. This makes them feel as if they were actually there, enhancing their involvement and giving them unique experiences.

Virtual reality service providers will create tailor-made VR experiences that suit your particular business needs. They develop immersive simulations that can be used for training, marketing purposes, and customer engagement. This enables you to differentiate yourself from competitors by having an edge over others by attracting more customers and offering innovative solutions.

A 360-degree virtual reality experience captures the whole environment, allowing users to see everything around them. It offers a truly immersive and interactive experience, which is best for highlighting properties, tourist sites, or events, thereby providing users with a realistic feel like they are present and making them more involved and interested.

VR experiences are available in a bunch of entertainment centers, malls, and VR studios. Another popular use is in industries that provide VR-enabled tours and experiences as part of their services. Gaming, simulation, or other real-estate or recreational venue trackers form certain experiences native to VR set-ups.

VR solutions are top-of-the-line for marketing strategy in that they engage customers on a human level through immersive, on-demand experiences. This offers another method to show off products, services, or locations, attracting engagement and giving them a chance to be found. VR can make your marketing more interactive and your brand more memorable in a crowded marketplace.