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Wonders explored: Limina Studios’ 3D Virtual Tour of AlUla unveiled at STF Saudi Tourism Forum

AlUla stand at STF Saudi Tourism Forum

Enchanting AlUla explored in groundbreaking 3D Virtual Tour

Dubai based virtual tour specialists Limina Studios recently completed a collaborative project with the Royal Commission for AlUla, Saudi Arabia, creating a virtual reality tour of AlUla’s historic sites. Building from their experience in crafting immersive VR experiences in Dubai, Limina’s experience with architectural photography and 3D virtual tours led to the creation of an extraordinary virtual heritage tour.

Showcasing the captivating beauty of AlUla’s historic sites, Limina Studios created a 3D virtual tour to connect viewers seamlessly with history through innovative use of technology.

Excellence exhibited: Showcasing AlUla

Successfully exhibited at ATM – Arabian Travel Market 2023 in Dubai, and the WTM – World Travel Market in London, Limina Studios were invited to showcase AlUla at Riyadh’s prestigious Saudi Tourism Forum 2024. The virtual tour proved to be a star attraction, captivating attendees, and bringing 3D tours to new audiences.

“We’ve always looked for new ways to innovate, and 360 virtual tours offer an exciting way to engage new audiences,” said Limina Studios founder, Farhad. “Creating VR experiences, especially for cultural and historic sites like AlUla allows us to showcase the possibilities of this new technology.”

AlUla stand at Saudi Tourism Forum 2024

Immersive experiences impress: The rise of 3D Virtual Tours

Virtual reality headsets were used to present an immersive experience for AlUla’s immersive virtual tour, allowing visitors to explore the historical wonders of AlUla, directly from the exhibition centre. Whilst the real estate industry has long used video, such as in Matterport tours, the advancement of virtual reality experiences has shown rising usage in the travel and tourism industry – with potential travelers being able to gain an insight into their destination through a VR experience.

Limina Studios and the Royal Commission for AlUla, the journey of collaboration

Architectural grandeur and new content unveiling

Limina Studios deployed their intricate advanced 3D scanning and photogrammetry techniques to capture the elaborate details of AlUla to create a digital twin. The tour brings new life to the Old Town, Hegra, and the iconic Elephant Rock. The focus on accuracy and detail ensured Liminas’ virtual tour reflected and showcased the cultural richness, history, and natural beauty of AlUla, bringing a virtual reality experience to new audiences.

Seamless exploration: the pinnacle of virtual tour development.

Limina Studios’ expertise in virtual reality was utilized to craft an immersive virtual tour from the captured data. Showcasing the intricate details of AlUla’s point of interest required a meticulous process of design, resulting in an intuitive, seamless journey. “Users have to be able to understand how a virtual tour works, so we made sure to prioritize the user interface design, simplifying the navigation process,” said Farhad. “Exploration and discovery are the key features of 3D tours, something we wanted users to truly encounter”

A grand debut – unveiling the AlUla virtual tour

Taking center stage at the Arabian Tourism Market 2023, the AlUla virtual tour captivated attendees. Using VR headsets, users were given access to a fully immersive, 360 tour of AlUla’s historic and cultural sites.

Utilizing their experience with virtual reality, Limina Studios’ team provided expert guidance to the Royal Commission for AlUla, creating a memorable and impactful encounter, second only to physically visiting the site.

Mesmerized masses: Audience engagement reflects resounding success

Garnering widespread acclaim at the Arabian Tourism Market, Limina’s virtual tour attracted attendees’ attention. The buzz created amongst the visitors translated into increased tourism interest and greater curiosity about AlUla as a destination.

“Creating a 3D tour of a site like AlUla provides unique challenges; virtual tour for tourism is a new and evolving technique, and we were proud to have captured AlUla’s intricate details in such a unique approach to tourism”, said Farhad. “A lot of people ask what is a virtual tour. is, and working with the Royal Commission, we’re happy to have created this showpiece to give the best possible answer”.

A Global showcase: Exceptional quality in Tourism promotions

Evoking wonder and awe amongst users, the virtual tour focused on quality and accuracy. Huge care was taken to ensure that the navigation experience was seamless and that the visual elements were of the highest quality, and attention to detail was an underlying theme throughout. “Our Dubai 360 tours positioned us well to realize the vision of the Royal Commission, resulting in a virtual tour that captures the enchantment of AlUla and increasing interest in visiting the site”, said Farhad.

A testament to Innovation and Collaboration

The collaboration between Limina Studios and the Royal Commission for AlUla successfully created a groundbreaking immersive experience, blending the modernity of 3D tours and virtual reality with the history and culture at AlUla. Following successful exhibitions at the ATM, WTM, and most recently the STF, the benefits of virtual reality as a promotional tool are abundantly clear; the use of virtual reality in travel, and virtual heritage tours is the latest in immersive experiences. Find out more about the magic of AlUla and experience a 360 tour at the Experience AlUla website.