Why Matterport CGI Virtual Tours Are a Game-Changer for Real Estate Marketing

Craft your personalized space from templates or floor plans, tailoring your environment to perfection.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate marketing, the best way to stay ahead is to use the latest technology. This is where Matterport CGI virtual tours have changed the game for good; this technology has completely reshaped the way a property is presented and experienced. By combining the accuracy of Matterport’s 3D scanning technology with highly impactful computer-generated imagery (CGI), these tours deliver virtual, realistic property tours. They engage buyers in impressive detail no matter where they are located around the world. 

These tours not only give a sense of space and layout in a realistic manner but also increase engagement, shorten the sales cycle, and help you win in a crowded market. Find out how Matterport CGI virtual tours changed the face of the real estate market forever. You’ll also explore why they’re an indispensable tool for any agent in today’s world.

What is Matterport CGI Technology? 

Matterport’s CGI technology utilizes advanced 3D scanning integrated with computer-generated imagery to offer a realistic virtual tour. Matterport captures and maps real-world spaces with a high degree of accuracy using specialized cameras to produce an accurate digital twin. 

Afterward, CGI improvements are employed to blend these scans with active elements, including scouts and wall monuments, and stuff window spacing into property establishments.

I’m talking about a level of immersion that quite literally lets the user move through properties just as if they were actually there, being able to view every nook and cranny at their own speed, like in a video game. It means the user is now more engaged and emotionally invested in that property.

 Matterport’s intuitive platform makes it easy for realtors to add these immersive experiences to their marketing toolkit, showing off the best aspects of properties while getting more eyes on them.

How Matterport CGI Virtual Tours Enhance Buyer Engagement

Matterport CGI virtual tours are a game changer for property buyers and sellers. By doing so, home buyers can visit the houses without visiting them in person. It gives a floor plan for the whole area.

Consumers would have been walking through the house if they were actually there. This helps people associate with themselves and think of what it would be like to live in such an isolated environment. Thus, you could walk around into bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or backyards. It is as close as one can get to being there himself.

For sellers, this means presenting their property in the best light possible. Also, it may emphasize a fireplace to keep warm during winter nights or a modernized kitchen. Therefore, by highlighting these features in this video, visitors’ tours make your place outshine others, increasing prospects’ appeal towards it.

Additionally, these tours save time too. Before booking an actual visit, they can decide whether they really want to go or not, thus making it easier for everyone involved.

In short, Matterport CGI virtual tours make buying and selling houses simpler and more fun-filled events. They help rekindle life in one’s residence, thereby stirring up interest and excitement among potential buyers.

Comparing Matterport CGI Virtual Tours with Traditional Photography

Matterport CGI virtual tours and traditional photography are both great ways to showcase your properties. How do they differ?

Immersion vs. Static Views

Matterport CGI virtual tours give an immersive experience, which means buyers can walk through every room and scrutinize every small detail at their own pace. Meanwhile, the static views presented by conventional photography show pretty angles without any interaction or interactivity at all.

Detail and accuracy

While space wasn’t an issue here, virtual tours have been helpful in providing buyers with incredibly detailed representations of actual room sizes, shapes, and features to give them a complete understanding of the overall space. Unfortunately, traditional photography can sometimes juxtapose reality with edited images of spaces that may appear larger or more attractive than what one might see in person.

Engagement and convenience

Buyers take more time to browse Matterport CGI virtual tours, hence becoming more engrossed, and thereby they can access the property anytime from their homes. This is especially crucial for busy homeowners or newcomers in a new area. On the other hand, traditional photos are limited by imagination, thus resulting in more queries and hesitations most of the time.

Cost and effort

Remember that your investment may lead to increased buying interest and faster sales. Traditional photography is quicker and cheaper, but it might not appeal to buyers as much.

 In short, despite the predominance of old-style photography, Matterport virtual tours have been found to be an innovative and compelling answer that offers an all-encompassing feeling while planning on purchasing a new home.


 For a sector that never slows down, mesmerizing images and enlightening details of matterport CGI-virtual tours simply revolutionize real estate marketing. Combined with research into the latest 3D scanning technology and a team of CGI designers, these tours come to life in a way static photographs can’t offer. Every part offers buyers a way to delve into properties with more detail, as well as improved communication and informed decision-making. Hence, to take your real estate marketing up a notch with engaging and immersive tours, Limina Studios, a professional CGI virtual tour company in Dubai, has got you covered.


1. Why do Matterport CGI virtual tours help home buyers?

 Matterport CGI virtual tours enable a buyer to explore a house from any location in detail, giving an immersive and realistic view.

2. Are Materport CGI Virtual Tours more expensive to make than traditional photography?

 Yes, they do require special equipment and software, but the investment pays off by attracting higher numbers of interested buyers and selling properties more quickly than traditional methods do.

 3. Can traditional photos capture the same level of detail as Matterport CGI virtual tours?

 No, traditional photos may be altered and might not represent room sizes and features as accurately as they can be shown using 3D virtual.