Discovering the Wonders of Saudi Arabia with Matterport Technology

In recent years, the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia has experienced significant growth and is continuously evolving. With the increasing demand for immersive and convenient travel experiences, technology has become an integral part of the tourism industry, and Matterport is no exception. Limina Studios is the number one Matterport service provider in Jeddah and Riyadh, offering a range of Matterport solutions for the tourism industry.

Virtual Tours of Attractions

Matterport provides 360 virtual tours of tourist attractions, allowing potential visitors to explore and experience the attractions before they even arrive. This level of detail and interactivity provides a much more accurate representation of the attraction, compared to traditional photos or videos.

Convenient Planning

For tourists who are time-limited or cannot physically visit the attractions, Matterport provides a convenient alternative. They can explore the attractions from anywhere in the world, 24/7, without having to travel. This allows tourists to plan their itineraries with ease and make informed decisions about which attractions to visit.

Increased Exposure

Matterport virtual tours can be easily shared online, increasing the exposure of tourist attractions and making them more accessible to a wider audience. This increased exposure can lead to more visits and, ultimately, increased revenue for the tourism industry.

Competitive Advantage

By using Matterport, tourist attractions can differentiate themselves from their competition, showcasing their attractions in a unique and innovative way. This can give them a competitive advantage, attracting more visitors and increasing their business.


Matterport virtual tours provide accessibility for people with disabilities or mobility issues who may not be able to physically visit tourist attractions. This not only provides an inclusive experience for all visitors but also increases the accessibility of tourist attractions for a wider audience.

In conclusion, Matterport has revolutionized the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia, and Limina Studios is the number one Matterport service provider in Jeddah and Riyadh. With its virtual tours of attractions, convenient planning, increased exposure, competitive advantage and accessibility, Matterport is a must-have tool for any tourist attraction looking to enhance the visitor experience and stay ahead of the curve.