Collaborative Success: Limina Studios and Royal Commission for AlUla Unveil Immersive Virtual Tour

Collaboration with AlUla showcasing at Dubai ATM.


Limina Studios, a leading provider of immersive virtual experiences, joined forces with the Royal Commission for AlUla to create an extraordinary 3d virtual tour showcasing the enchanting beauty of AlUla’s historic sites. The virtual tour, unveiled at the Arabian Tourism Market 2023, captured the attention and admiration of attendees, providing an immersive and captivating experience of AlUla’s ancient treasures.

Objective: The primary goal of the collaboration between Limina Studios and the Royal Commission for AlUla was to create a visually stunning and engaging virtual tour that would showcase the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of AlUla. The aim was to transport viewers to the heart of AlUla, allowing them to experience its captivating beauty and historical significance through the power of immersive technology.


Limina Studios and the Royal Commission for AlUla worked closely together to meticulously plan and execute the virtual tour project. The process involved the following key steps:

  1. Content Creation: Limina Studios utilized advanced 3D scanning and photogrammetry techniques to capture the intricate details of AlUla’s landmarks, including the AlUla old town, the awe-inspiring Hegra, and the iconic Elephant Rock. The team ensured that every aspect of the virtual tour accurately represented the architectural grandeur and natural beauty of these sites.
  2. Virtual Tour Development: Limina Studios leveraged their expertise in virtual reality and interactive experiences to transform the captured data into an immersive virtual tour. They meticulously designed the user interface and navigation to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for viewers. The virtual tour allowed users to explore the sites, move between different locations, and zoom in to appreciate the intricate details.
  3. Arabian Tourism Market Unveiling: The immersive virtual tour was unveiled at the prestigious Arabian Tourism Market 2023, a highly anticipated event in the travel and tourism industry. Attendees were provided with VR headsets to experience the virtual tour firsthand. The Limina Studios team was present to guide and assist participants, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience.

Results: The collaboration between Limina Studios and the Royal Commission for AlUla proved to be a resounding success, garnering widespread acclaim and positive feedback. The immersive virtual tour captivated the audience, transporting them to the ancient wonders of AlUla in stunning detail. The results of the project include:

  1. Audience Engagement: Visitors at the Arabian Tourism Market were mesmerized by the immersive virtual tour, which attracted significant attention and generated buzz among attendees. The captivating experience led to increased interest in AlUla as a tourist destination.
  2. Positive Reception: The virtual tour received rave reviews for its exceptional visual quality, seamless navigation, and ability to evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Audiences praised the accuracy and attention to detail, expressing a desire to visit AlUla in person.
  3. Tourism Promotion: The immersive virtual tour served as a powerful promotional tool, showcasing the cultural and natural heritage of AlUla to a global audience. It created a compelling narrative and inspired travelers to explore the wonders of AlUla, benefiting tourism and raising awareness of this remarkable destination.


The successful collaboration between Limina Studios and the Royal Commission for AlUla resulted in the creation of a captivating and immersive virtual tour that transported viewers to the mesmerizing world of AlUla. The unveiling at the Arabian Tourism Market 2023 generated significant interest and enthusiasm, highlighting the power of immersive technology in promoting tourism and preserving cultural heritage. The project stands as a testament to the magic that can be achieved when innovation and collaboration come together.